So Betty Neels has been writing romance novels for decades. They are old-fashioned stories. The girls are generally independent and the men are large doctors. Some of them I like better than others. For the most part the girls can be somewhat silly at times which can be frustrating, and the men somewhat overbearing. But I still enjoy them, at least the good ones. There have been a couple I just could not get myself to finish because I felt everyone was just being an idiot.

Dearest Mary Jane is one of my favorite Betty Neels books. Set in England, it revolves around Mary Jane Seymour and Sir Thomas Latimar.

Mary Jane runs her own tea room. She is a sensible girl (as the book points out multiple times) not really looking for much out of life. She is happy in her small village life. She probably wants more out of it, but she is content.

Sir Thomas is a well known surgeon. He has a quiet manner, he’s rich, and he doesn’t really understand why he is interested in Mary Jane.

Betty Neels’ books are not ground breaking novels. They are just sweet stories where the guy and the girl gradually come together after dealing with various obstacles (some of which they create needlessly, but then we humans can be contrary individuals).

I also feel in reading these books that Betty Neels has a serious love of food! She is very descriptive about some of the meals which makes you wish that books came with food samples.


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