This is a very new series for me. This is the second book in the “Isle of the Forgotten” series by Tiffany Roberts, a husband/ wife writing pair.

I feel awkward not writing this in order, but this is the most recent book that I have read.

I REALLY enjoyed this. It’s very similar to the first book in their series, Make Me Burn, in some ways, but the character vary enough and the story has enough variation to keep me interested.

Baltherus is a demon who was sentenced to serve out the remainder of his life on the Isle of the Forgotten. As a demon he is an immortal and has been on this island for over a hundred years. Due to some evens from Make Me Burn, he has now lost everything. He had made himself into a king of sorts, but his subjects abandoned him.

The heroine in the book is Amnestria Sylmae, an elf. She is a Justicar for the Order, which is the Justice Department for this world. The Order is supposed to exceed at containing their emotions, which is difficult for Amnestria. She does her best, though, not wanting to disappoint those important to her.

The Order realized that there may be some innocent people on the Isle of the Forgotten (IoF) which is like old time Australia. The Order sent their worst offenders there via magic, as this was deemed a better option than execution. Unfortunately they didn’t know that there were already some other individuals inhabiting the island until the conclusion of Make Me Burn.

Amnestria is part of the tribunal the Order sent to the IoF to see if any other innocent individuals might be there. Amnestria also has her own secret mission from the High Mage to look into.

I really like this story because I never wanted to smack either Baltherus or Amnestria. Their emotions and thoughts made sense. No one was whiny or difficult just to cause problems. The book flows well, and their relationship evolves in a real way.

And for those who care, the sex scenes are good as well. I’m not one for overly explicit erotica novels. I have read my share, don’t get me wrong, but I like a solid story with strong characters, and this book delivers.

Both characters grow as people. I admit, I think Baltherus gets the tougher end of this relationship. Amnestria does a few thing that i kinda get, but at the same time I feel she does not give Baltherus enough of a chance. But then, he starts off digging himself into a bit of a hole, so maybe fair is fair.

The world is full of interesting characters, I and I am highly anticipating the next few books that will be coming out. There is a novella, Make Me Whole, coming out in January, and the next book, Make Me Yours, sometime in the spring of 2017. The cover art of the books is also something to see. I however am refraining from sharing those as I honestly have no idea if I can get into trouble or not using them. The artist is Isis Sousa, and she is amazing!!! Looks like she also does artwork for Grace Draven who is another great author. Her Radiance series is fantastic so far.


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