So to finish working backwards, this is the first book of the Isle of the Forgotten.

Morthanion is a demon that threw out a lot of death and destruction. Some mages decided to stop him and this lead to him receiving a brand that traps him on the Isle of the Forgotten; more or less a prison colony.

Having been born and raised on the island, Aria has learned to hide herself well from all of the prisoners that roam around. A great many of whom are rapists and murders, Aria has managed to avoid them all of her life. However, Morthanion manages to find her shortly after his arrival.

Aria is somewhat of a mystery. And for all that she has lived an INCREDIBLY sheltered life, she is no ones fool.

I believe that I liked this story better than the second book in the series, Make Me Hunger. Morthanion really struggles trying to make sense out of just what sort of demon he wants to be, and Aria is a very refreshing character who really has no prejudices being so sheltered. I like innocent characters because they cut through the BS so well. They don’t play a lot of mind games, trying to trick people up.

This story did a great job of sucking me in to it. As I knew nothing of the author, I relied upon the sample I was able to get from Amazon and the ratings other readers gave the book. This lead to a $3.99 payment, and money well spent.


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