Love this book!!! More love to probably my favorite author right now, Ilona Andrews.

One Fell Sweep is the third book in their Innkeeper Chronicles series, which is written in first person from Dina Demille’s perspective. FYI, read the first two books!!! There may be some minor spoilers in here otherwise, though I don’t think anything major.

Dina is an Innkeeper. This basically means that she runs a Bed and Breakfast, but not for your typical people. She runs a B&B for aliens and interdimensional beings. Inns are magical…. creatures I suppose is the best word. They are not just buildings. They partner with their Innkeepers creating a symbiotic bonds that makes them both stronger. An Innkeeper on the grounds of there Inn has almost limitless power can do almost anything they want. They can bend the laws of physics and move and manipulate their Inn in unimaginable ways. Another WIN for the Andrews writing couple in creating and amazing world to check out!!!

Now in this book, Dina has to rescue her sister from a vampire planet with her …. boyfriend? …. werewolf, Sean Evans. They get some help from Arland, a super sexy and powerful vampire. Dina also gets to try to determine if she can keep an alien species, the Hiru, safe while they are facing genocide from the Draziri. No one knows why the Draziri want to kill the Hiru, but they’ll stop at nothing to see it done. Even risking a big no-no by possibly revealing the existence of other beings to us Earthlings.

This book it a great ride. You can probably enjoy it even if you haven’t read the previous two novels, but you miss some of the nuances and inside jokes. So I strongly recommend starting from the beginning.

Also fun side note, I more or less already had a good idea to the whole story. Through the Ilona Andrews blog, they build majority of the story and share it with their loyal followers. It’s not fully fleshed out, and there are some differences between the online version and the published book, but it’s a great thing they do. I know know when they’ll get around to starting book four, but I can’t wait!!! Though it is pretty brutal having the story given to you slowly throughout the better part of a year.

Also, forgot to mention above, I feel that the overall point of this series is to find Dina’s parents. They went missing a few years ago with their Inn. No one knows how, why or where, maybe not even exactly when. I guess we don’t know the who either. So this series is our journey to finding that answer.


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