For the most part I felt that this was a pretty good story.

Anna lives alone far from any other people. She prefers the isolation having lost what she held most dear to her. However, a stranger named Neledrim appears at her home during a blizzard seeking shelter.

This isn’t a bad love story, and only cost $0.99 for a Kindle Edition. However I can’t claim that it totally satisfied me. I love a lot of short stories. This one was good, but a few parts just didn’t flow for me properly. I felt there was some more character growth that needed to happen. There are just too many question marks still left for me to truly love this story.

But as a side note, it seems this is Tiffany Roberts, a couple writing team’s, first story, so not bad.

Fun Fact: on their blog they have a short story, the Winter King, related to this short. I possibly like it better, I must admit.


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