This is the first book of a six book series by McKenzie Hunter called the Sky Brooks Series.

Skylar Brooks is an enigma. She finds herself in a bizarre new world after vampires kill her mother and attempt to take her. She is saved by the Mid-West Were Pack intervening, though she has no idea why.

I felt this was a good book. I admit, at least in the Kindle edition, there are quite a few typos that throw you off every so often, but it’s an interesting story.

It is all told from Skylar’s point of view. For the most part I feel that she makes decisions I would probably make if I was in her position. However, occasionally she makes decisions where you’re like, what? But to be fair, she is dealing with a lot of stress. She goes from not even knowing that vampires exist to being their most sought after person. It’s terrifying.

There are also a lot of turns on the way. Skylar becomes very… complicated.

On the romance side, there is Ethan, the beta of the pack protecting Skylar. Don’t really know what all may happen there, but there’s some chemistry.


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