This is the second book in the Sky Brooks Series.

SPOILER ALERT: This may contain some spoilers on book one!

I can’t deny it, the book is an interesting read. However, I’m not sure how much I LIKE it.

In this book, Sky is still trying to come to terms with who she is. She’s making some progress though. She practices self defense with Winter and some magic with Josh. There are still some questions on just what all she can do.

One of the big difference in this book is that some parts are from Chris’s point of view, in third person. Chris is/ was Ethan’s ex. There is a lot of tension there. This REALLY frustrates me because I HATE love triangles. It seems in book one something’s going to happen with Skylar and Ethan. However in this book, makes you question if you really want anything to happen there.

I surprisingly don’t mind getting into Chris’s head. She’s interesting and really rather straightforward, at least in her mind. She’s all about the job, end of story. There’s something there between her and Ethan, but at the end of the day, she’s about the job. What’s going on with her and Demetrius, the head Vampire in the area, is weird, but not as diabolical as first imagined. So it makes me curious.

In this book there is a sudden attack against both the vampires and the weres. This forces the two sides into working together to try to fix the problem. There’s a lot of tension and a lot of, what the hell going on. I makes me frustrated, but they are fairly realistic emotions, so I can’t totally fault the author. However I feel like a lost some respect for almost all of the major players in this book.

Weaknesses are things we all have to live with. In this book, there is a lot of it going around. Maybe I’m to practical, but it frustrates me seeing people do things that they KNOW are bad for them, and sometimes dangerous to those they love and want to keep safe. Makes you want to smack them.

In the end, I read it and it kept me interested. Has me needing to figure out what happens next. I’m incredibly frustrated right now. One to book three!!!


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