Well this is coming up VERY quickly after my post for book three since I had to read more. Unfortunately I was also under the impression that this was only a four book series since that was all Amazon was showing. (Per Author’s blog, looks like there should be six books in this series.) Well, that was incorrect. I was thinking I was about to finish the series, but NOPE, there is more.

SPOILER ALERT: There WILL be spoilers for the previous books. I can’t avoid it. There is just too much going on.

I have to admit, I’m pretty glad for the most part that I’m not Skylar Brooks. There is too much insanity going on in her life!

Sky is still trying to balance pack and vampire politics with her … friend?… Quell. Michaela still wants to kill her over this. How can Sky protect Quell and keep him and other humans safe? How can she also keep herself safe from Michaela? Who knows? Ethan seems to have some thoughts though, so we’ll see what happens. However, Steven, her… housemate?… can’t deal with the constant worry and knowledge that is going to come from this and needs to do his own thing.

Sky is also worrying about Josh. He’s had a couple of magic trouncings and now he needs to be stronger. But Sky worries that magic is an addiction for Josh. She feels his magic changing and he is working with it more, but is it for the better?

They also now have the Aufero safe with them, as well as two of the three Clostra books, all protected items.

Kelly has now gone missing. No one knows if she just left to run away after her incident in book three, or has something happened to her? And oddly, Gavin is the one most concerned (I kind of hope there might be a Gavin/ Kelly book, but not sure if that’s at all in the author’s plans).

And of course, there’s Ethan and all of the tension and concerns in that corner. Ethan is part dark elf, meaning he should have been killed at birth. His grandmother recently died leading to him gaining all of those powers. Luckily they have the Aufero and were able to take those powers from him, however the Creed (witches head honchos), especially Marcia, want the Aufero, and all of the protected items. Marcia REALLY wants to kill Sky since Sky stole the Aufero from her. However, since Sky is the Moura Encantada for the Aufero, stealing may not be the best thing. It really just belongs to her.

So it’s another book with SO MUCH going on! It’s insane! But I keep going. I really wish I knew when book five was due out. Only know early January, or so her website claims. Here’s hoping it’s soon.

It just kind of occurred to me that these books make me think of Simpson’s episodes. They start with something going on at the beginning, but that has absolutely nothing to do with how it ends. There are just SO MANY twists and turns!!!


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