First off, let me say that I enjoyed this book a LOT more than I liked the second book, Darkness Unchained. This goes back to all being from the first person POV of Skylar Brooks.

This book is the third book in the Skylar Brooks series by McKenzie Knight.

SPOILER ALERT: There WILL be spoilers regarding books one and two in this review. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

They have defeated Ethos! Skylar is continuing to work with Josh to learn how to work with magic, and she’s seeing progress. She likes to make clothes dance! But she’s also found that she is a Moura Encantada, AKA a protector of one of the four – or is it five? – sacred items that are so powerful, they probably shouldn’t exist. However, she is separated from hers. She needs to find it, or else may be punished for being a bad protector.

Sky is also dealing with her bizarre relationship with Quell. She’s in a pickle trying to keep him safe but dealing with all of the werewolf and vampire politics along the way. It doesn’t help that the vampire mistress, Michaela, really HATES her for taking some of Quell’s attention from her.

In the mean time, Gideon, an elemental elf, has fallen ill. The pack looks into it when one of their own also becomes afflicted.

If that wasn’t enough, Sky is also trying to track down her maternal roots. Seems she should have some family that she has never met and is hoping she might be able to get to know them.

Then, there is the Ethan problem. Ethan is the beta werewolf in Sky’s pack. Still can’t tell half the time if they like or hate each other which keeps things interesting. Ethan is a jackass and he knows it, and Sky is also well aware. But there is some tension there that I just really want to explore.

So, I find this series quite interesting. However, as I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, there are some grammatical issues with the story which can throw you for a bit while you try to figure out just what exactly is supposed to be happening. I also feel that the books are somewhat chaotic. That may be the point, but sometimes it feels like a soap opera with all the different things you feel you need to be paying attention to.

That being said, I devour these books. They are hard for me to put down. I want to know what’s going to happen next. Sometimes I like Sky more than others, but for the most part, she acts in ways that I respect and understand. So I am all for recommending this series.

Also, if you go to McKenzie Hunter’s website, there is a link to see a part of a book a friend of her’s, Mason Reed is writing. Looks like they are working on writing the series from Ethan’s POV! – UPDATE: Though the author DOES want books written in Ethan’s POV, that has now been delayed. Unknown if/ when it could happen.


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