First off, I need to say that I am rather baffled by how much better the quality of writing is with this book than with her Sky Brooks series. You wouldn’t have known it was the same writer! I don’t know if there are different editors or what, but yay for better reading!

I really enjoyed this book. It is the first one in McKenzie Hunter’s Legacy Series. Sadly, as far as I can tell, this is the only book currently out in this series.

We are following Olivia “Levy” Michaels. She works with her Fae boss in an antiques/ magical items shop. Levy comes across as a normal human living closely with the supernatural, however she is a supernatural in hiding. Due to some sins of her ancestors, she has to keep a low profile or else someone might try to kill her. She is a Legacy, a super powerful supernatural.

I this book Levy and her boss locate a Legacy item, which can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Well, it ends up in the wrong hangs and Levy need to do the best she can to keep it from being used for nefarious reasons while not letting anyone figure out just what she is.

In the mean time, vampires and shifter are not acting notmal, and one night Levy wakes up surrounded by bodies with no idea how she came to be there. She ends up jailed by the Guild as the only suspect.

Along the say Levy ends up working with Gareth who is in charge of the Shapeshifter Council as well as the Supernatural Guild. He’s my hopeful love interested, FYI. For obvious reasons (like not wanting the Guild to know about her) Levy doesn’t want to work too closely with him. However, he has the power she may need to get results and he tends to show up when he’s needed.

This is a fantastic book. It’s not as long as the Sky Brooks books, probably about half the length, but the pace moves well and is flows nicely. Definitely recommend it!


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