This is book two of Marina Finlayson’s Shadows of the Immortals series.

At the end of the first book we find out that Lexi’s employer vampire is really Hades (side note, I love Greek mythology!). We also find out that somehow humans are killing gods and stealing their powers. I don’t know if in this series only the Greek gods count or not, but so far the only ones I hear of are Greek, except briefly an Irish one in the first book. I’m curious to know what the thoughts are. Is Thor running around somewhere as well as Zeus as lightning gods? Don’t know yet, but I digress.

Gods now have to be concerned about humans coming after them to kill them and steal their powers. How the humans are able to grab and hold them, more good questions. These humans are called shadow shapers.

Lexi also currently has Apollo’s ring. She stole it from an unconscious Jake. The ring speaks to her in some way. Lexi wants to know why and decides to track down her mother to get some answers. She doesn’t tell anyone that she has the ring. She just takes it and leaves to find answers. This makes a few people not too happy.

Lexi heads back to the human territory she was born in. She has all of the identification papers she needs to get herself back in. However, when she gets there, though places are the same, all of the people she once knew are missing. Now Lexi is concerned she is losing her mind and wants to know where her mom and her old friends are.

Along the way she finds another human with powers similar to hers. She meets up with him in the hopes of figuring out just who and what she is since she cannot locate her mother.

This is another great story with some interesting twists and turns. As a romance enthusiast, Jake is not in this book as much as I might like, however there needs to be some good story to a romance for me, and this delivers. Now I have to wait patiently for the next book, and I currently have no clue when it’s going to come out!!! Authors need to keep updates on when they next release is. I hate not having a clue!


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