First off I want to say that having an Amazon Kindle means that I spend WAY too much time reading. It’s my drug of choice and Amazon is more than willing to feed my addiction! But moving on, I love how many stories I can get my hands on without having to go to the library!

Stolen Magic is the first book in Marina Finlayson’s Shadows of the Immortals series. We are following Lexi Jardine in the first person POV.

Lexi lives in a world segregated by magic (shapers and shifters), and no magic (humans). Humans can live in the shaper lands, however they know that the shapers reign supreme. They control the various elements and certain shaper lands fall into various elemental territories. Shifers have the ability to shift into an animal form. They are not welcome in human lands and therefore must live in shaper territories. But there doesn’t seem to be any real bad blood between shapers and shifters, so it’s not a big deal.

On the human lands however, magic is NOT welcome! Is you are found to have magic you get ran out of town at best. The humans here willfully keep themselves separated. The human lands are over populated and have poverty issues and the shaper lands do not face. Humans could move to shaper lands if they wanted, but they are aware that they are magic-less in a magical land. Due to fear, most humans prefer to stay away.

Lexi at least seems to be human. However, she has a peculiar ability to link with animals, be they mammals, reptiles, insects or even fish. She can see through their eyes and when linked even gain access to their various attributes like seeing in the dark and agility. This is not a recognized power for shapers. Don’t know how she has this ability, don’t know how she is considered just human (though it did get her run out of the human territories). In this book, it really doesn’t matter. She keeps her gift under wraps however.

With this talent, Lexi became very good at stealing things. A certain shaper came to her with a very dangerous job that Lexi knew one way or another would get her killed. So she ran with her cat shifter friend, Syl.

Now living in a quiet small town where no one knows her past, Lexi lives a quiet life. She works in the bookstore of a vampire and has werewolves for neighbors. No one other than Syl has any idea that she has any sort of powers.

This all changes when Jacob (Jake) Steele comes to town. He is one of the THE most powerful fireshapers in the world. Lexi catches his attention without meaning to.

And from there, it all starts going downhill for Lexi.

I had a lot of fun with this book. Wish it was longer, but I greatly enjoyed it. Lexi makes pretty intelligent decisions (this is important to me, I hate characters where I’m constantly thinking “you’re an idiot”). She has some moments where she really should think through her actions more, but she is well intentioned and does the best she can to keep her friends safe when her life is spiraling out of control.

There is chemistry between Jake and Lexi and I can’t wait to see where it goes. The rest of the cast is interesting and it makes for a great book. Read it!


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