I really enjoyed this book. It’s a standalone novel written in third person between the viewpoints of Mason Vawdrey and Linnet Cadwallader.

Mason’s half-brother has decided he is not going to marry the girl he is affianced to. Figuring there are rumors about how ugly, unhealthy, and simple she is, it’s rather not surprising. However she is the heir of a dukedom, hence why their father made the match. Mason is bastard-born. He’s on his way to Cadwallader to let the intended, Linnet, know that her marriage is off.

Linnet has been raised believing she is ugly and sickly. She has a lot of freckles and red hair which is unfashionable. Her aunt and uncle control her estate. At the age of 24 she is an old maid and she is desperate to get married. Not because she will gain anything from it, but everyone was supposed to enjoy a celebration of the wedding. All of their servants, vassals and neighbors. Can’t really do that when there is no groom. So when Mason lets her know about that fact, Linnet proposes to him. She doesn’t care if he’s a bastard, she needs a groom. He accepts!

From here you find out that Linnet’s aunt and uncle have been grossly exaggerating everything that is wrong with Linnet. People notice a missed opportunity, including the jilting ex-bridegroom, and want to try to correct it.

This book is a real love story. You have two people coming together in weird circumstances and they grow together making a strong bond. The pace for me was also excellent. I wasn’t getting whipped around too much and there were great scenes of just being comfortable (I really like these scenes). I loved it!

I will probably need to look and see if Alice Coldbreath has any other books.


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