I love this series! The Emperor’s Edge is the first book in Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series.

This book is written in third person, primarily in Amaranthe Lokdon’s POV, but also Sespian Savarsin’s.

Amaranthe Lokdon is one of the few female enforcers in Turgonia. Turgonia is a militant nation. Men are generally the soldiers and in military-type positions. Women however tend to run the businesses in the country.

Amaranthe is hoping to become the first female to attain the status of sergeant. She has a flawless record, however her gender is holding her back. This does not stop her from doing the best job that she can. And while being exceptionally good at her job, she is noticed by Sespian, the young emperor of Turgonia.

There is some mystery around Sespian. He is very different from the emperor’s before him who were of militant mindsets. Sespian however is more innovative and has an affinity for the arts. But none of these progressive ideas are coming through to the people.

Amaranthe is surprised to find herself called to meet with Commander of the Armies Hollowcrest. He has a mission for her: to kill the infamous assassin Sicarius. How is someone supposed to assassinate an assassin? And why of all people is she the one picked for this mission?

This book has some more twists along the way. It also is somewhat lacking in the romance department, but it’s where people meet and you start to get to know them, and it’s so good, I can wait. It is also very cleverly written. It makes me smile and laugh at times. Amarnathe is an excellent heroine. She is smart, strong, and willing to do whatever it takes to do what is right. She is very admirable and lots of fun to face adventures with.


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