This is the second book in Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series. This one is in third person from Amaranthe’s and Books’s POVs.

In this book, something’s going on with Stumps’s water supply. While working his new… job… Books, a former history professor, finds a few bodies in the pumping station. Where did they come from, and why does one have a magical charm, especially when magic is illegal?

In the mean time Amaranthe is trying to change peoples ideas of hiring Sicarius as an assassin and help her team find honorable jobs that will help them earn the emperor’s notice. They need money to supply their group, however it’s tricky finding a good job when you have a WANTED poster with your face and name on it. There’s a lot of money to be made with assassinations, however Sespian (the emperor) already has a very negative opinion on Sicarius, we don’t want to make that worse. Especially when, SPOILER ALERT Sespian is unknowingly Sicarius’s son. Sicarius wants some kind of a relationship with Sespian, and Amaranthe and her crazy schemes is probably he best bet.

The magic is causing some trouble for Amaranthe’s group and a couple different fronts, it can’t be a coincident and Amaranthe takes her team to find the source to the problem. Hopefully people will take notice of the Emperor’s Edge’s actions and report them to Sespian’s ear.

This is another excellent book. Amaranthe is starting to realize her attraction to Sicarius but has to take into account her role as the team leader, and can she really afford to try to make anything there. Books on the other hand has found a lady who has captured his interest as well. Fast paced with lots of action and the occasional twist to keep you on your toes, this is a great second installment. And you get to learn a few more things about my favorite character, Sicarius. Winner!


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