This is the third book in Linday Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series. It is in third person from Amaranthe and Basilard’s POVs. There are some SPOILERS regarding the previous books.

The Clank Races are about to begin in the city, however some of the most promising athletes have gone missing. Amaranthe, previously an enforcer with a flawless record, but now an outlaw with a bounty of her head, is excited for another chance to gain positive attention for her team from the Emperor to hopefully lead to their exoneration. To help them try to get to the bottom of this, they decide to enter Basilard in to the races.

Basilard has had a tough history. He is a Mangdorian who are generally a very peaceful people and eschew violence. But after being forced into slavery and competing to the death in underground human fighting rings, he is now conflicted within himself. It also doesn’t help that he learns of a great wrong that Sicarius did to his people in his assassin days. Basilard in trying to determine whether or not he should face Sicarius, but how would Amaranthe feel about that?

This is another excellent book by Lindsay Buroker. The gradual relationship building between Amaranthe and Sicarius is fantastic. It doesn’t move as quickly as some may hope, but it’s real and you feel it’s growth. Sicarius starts to show a surprising sense of humor in this book. He also has to deal with another man giving some attention to Amaranthe and deciding just how he feels about that, and what he needs to do.

It’s a great book. Read it!


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