This is the fourth book in Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series. It is written in third person from Amaranthe’s and Akstyr’s POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the earlier books in this series.

Amaranthe’s team, the Emperor’s Edge, is training to kidnap Emperor Sespian, at his request. Pushing themselves and their abilities to the limit, Amaranthe, Sicarius, Books, Maldynado, Basilard and Akstyr are pooling their varied and useful talents together to get this done.

While they are training, Amaranthe takes Sicarius and Books to check out some suspicious weapons activity they notice. Is this something else that Forge is concocting to possibly overthrow the crown? Sespian has been seen recently with a mysterious woman, is Forge looking to attack the emperor?

In the mean time, Maldynado, Basilard and Akstyr head back to the city. Akstyr is now dealing with a gang bounty, and for some reason his mother now wants to meet with him after practically abandoning him.

My favorite couple, Amaranthe and Sicarius are aware that they want a relationship together, however they have some obstacles to overcome first. For one thing, how would the rest of the members of Amarnathe’s group take it if Sicarius and Amaranthe become a “we”? For another, Sicarius is concerned that Sespian is interested  in Amaranthe, no matter how brief their only prior meeting was. He doesn’t need anything more creating a gulf between him and his unknowing son.

This series just keeps building up momentum. The pace keeps on barreling forward. Can’t wait for what happens next!


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