This is an Emperor’s Edge novella by Lindsay Buroker that falls between books five and six. It is written in third person from Amaranthe and Evrial’s (Yara’s) POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers from the previous novels.

The Emperor’s Edge has hit Forge hard and are now pretty much relaxing on a steamboat on their way back to the city. Amaranthe is working on building herself back up after the torture she has endured. Sicarius is there for her to make sure she trains as much as possible, even if Amaranthe is not as inclined to train.

Sespian and Sicarius probably have some talking they need to do, what with Sespian just finding out that Sicarius is his father. But neither one of them seem particularly eager to start that conversation. We’ll what kind of plan Amaranthe can come up with to help that out.

Yara in the mean time is learning just how crazy a group Amaranthe has put together. She finds herself getting pulled in whether she likes it or not. Luckily she doesn’t seem to mind too much, especially as she and Maldynado start to get to know each other much better.

Another solid story coming from Lindsay Buroker. Sicarius makes some more attempts at levity to varying degrees of success. His and Amaranthe’s relationship hits a few necessary bumps to see what can happen. So much love for this series.


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