This is the fifth book in the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker. It is written in third person from Amaranthe’s and Maldynado’s POVs.

Fair warning, SPOILERS for the previous books.

Amaranthe, the leader of Emperor’s Edge, has been taken by Forge to face possible torture. What is the rest of the team to do? Emperor Sespian has some business he needs to take care of in Sunder’s City regarding Forge. He likes Amaranthe, however this needs to be a priority. Sicarius does not want to leave his son, however how can he abandon Amaranthe?

In the end, the team splits up. Sicarius heads out to find and rescue Amaranthe. But first, he threatens Maldynado with possible death should he not keep Sespian safe.

Maldynado has his own problems to worry about. His family, who disowned him, are making moves toward the throne. How is he supposed to keep Sespian safe when Sespian, and even the other members of the Edge, are now suspicious of his? And he also wants to impress Yara, an enforecer, who has come along for the ride.

The books just keep on going. I can’t necessarily say that I think they get better, but it’s not that they are getting worse. Each new book is as good as the ones before. The evolution and the character growth are really something to witness. Amaranthe and Sicarius make strides with their relationship, even though there are still concerns regarding Sespian. And Maldynado and Yara create a new potential romance of their own. Read, read read!!!


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