This is the ninth book in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever sereis. At this point I haven’t gotten around to posting any reviews for her previous books, but I will eventually. This book is written in primarily first person from Mac’s POV, but others are written in third, and a few others also in first. I’m not sure I want to list them all as they are potential spoiler alerts.

SPOILER ALERT: There may be some spoilers regarding the earlier books in this series.

This book starts with Mac possessed by the Sinsar Dubh (and evil sentient book). This is the first time the Sinsar Dubh has actually inhabited a body as it’s own, and it goes crazy! Dani/ Jada is there when this happens. How is everyone supposed to fight this super strong, super evil book? And you know Barrons isn’t going to be too happy about Mac going missing.

Along the way they are also dealing with giant black holes that are threatening the existence of Earth. How are they combating these? Dani/ Jada’s friend Dancer is the leading expert on this.

This is a LOT of character growth going on in this book. Fair warning, if you are hoping that Dani/ Jada will be resolved with the Dancer/ Ryodan situation, you are in for a HUGE disappointment. I hope this means there will be more books from the series, but hopefully not about Mac. I love Mac and Barrons, but there are so many other characters that I want to see resolved!

At the end of this book, Mac and Barrons are completed. They are probably the only ones completed! I really hope that there will be more books about the Nine. This is a great book, it really makes you think, but it is frustrating in how many unanswered questions there are. But it holds true to its purpose and sucks you in for the ride.


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