This is a novella from Jessica Sims’s Midnight Liaison’s series. I have no real idea where this falls in the series, but I really like it.

She is written in third person from Estrella’s POV.

Estrella is a liger (tiger/ lion mix). In theory that’s supposed to make her sterile, however, she’s not. Estrella’s going into heat. This doesn’t happen often, but now she needs to figure out does she want a child or not? If she doesn’t go for it now, she may never get the chance. But one other problem, she doesn’t have a boyfriend of anything. If she wants a kid, who’s going to be the father?

So while Estrella’s hormones are going crazy, she now needs to debate on potential mates. And to help her is her super sexy alpha. However, one can’t expect their alpha to be the father, he’s just there to help her out. Right?

It’s a great short story. I definitely recommend it if you want just a quick, simple story with a satisfying conclusion.


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