This is book seven in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series. I admit, I haven’t read all of these books, I think really only one other one. However I love this book. This is written in third person from Ash’s, Nicholas St. Croix’s and Taylor’s POVs.

Ash had no memory of a past. She notices things that seem familiar, however she does not have a connection to them. After being in an asylum for three years, she just decides to leave and find some answers. Emotions do not stick to Ash, however she does notice that she is not “human”. She has no bodily needs, such as eating or sleeping, and she sometimes develops red skin and glowing eyes. She does not know why or how, but she wants to.

Nicholas St. Croix is obsessed with seeing his “mother” destroyed. A demon took his mother’s life when he was a child causing some deep scars. As he got older, he figured out just what happened. His “mother” even ends up killing his girlfriend. Imagine his shock when he first comes into contact with Ash and she looks just like his dead girlfriend, but with some serious changes.

Nicholas and Ash cannot trust each other. Ash doesn’t know why she looks like Nicholas’s dead girlfriend, but she knows that is not who she is. Nicholas doesn’t know what to make of Ash, however he knows that she is a demon, and he wants answers.

Nicholas and Ash each have SO many of their own problems. However their interactions are a lot of fun to watch. Ash is very funny, and for whatever reason she likes Nicholas. Nicholas can’t really help but to be amused by Ash and her complete lack of knowledge regarding anything demonic. And they have their work cut out for them trying to figure just what exactly is going on, and how to take down Nicholas’s “mom”.


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