This is a prequel-type short story in Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas series. This is written in third person from Temperance and Edward Newberry’s POVs.

Temperance is dying. She knows it, however unless she wants to become a zombie after she dies, there isn’t anything she can do about it. She also happens to be married to a man who compromised her. She wants nothing to do with him, however after being forced to leave her home in Manhattan City to live in London, she has no where to escape to.

Edward Newberry is a new constable on the police force in London. He has a wife who is slowly dying of consumption. In the mean time, she also witnessed a murder. How is he to keep her safe?

Temperance and Edward have some things to learn about each other. This is not a long story, however what is done within it is wonderful. Sometimes you do not need a lot of words to create a meaningful story. I quite love this one.


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