This is the first book in Meljean Brook’s Iron Seas series. This is written in third person from Mina Wentworths and Rhys Trahaearn’s POVs. This is a steampunk novel. In this world, a lot of the people, particularly those in England, have what are called bugs. These bugs allow them to heal very quickly, be stronger than they otherwise would be, and have the capability to have prosthetics augmented onto them in a way that makes them a part of their body. These prosthetics are no limited to arms and legs, but can be almost anything you can imagine. There is a draw back however. The bugs were slipped to the English by the Horde, and with a tower, those who had bugs could be controlled. Luckily this tower is now gone, but welcome to this world and the people who live in it.

Lady Wilhelmina “Mina” Wentworth is the daughter of an Earl in London, but a VERY different London than we know about today. She is a Detective Inspector of the police force. A pretty noble profession, but Mina also has Horde blood in her. Most Londoners hate her on sight making her job much harder. Mina however has grown up in this world and knows her worth. Idiots can be idiots, it doesn’t mean she is one. She has very strong ethics and will do what is right. She is not about the easy path.

A dead body brings her to Rhys Trahaearn’s house. Rhys, also known as the Iron Duke, is responsible for destroying the Horde’s tower and releasing the Londoners from it’s oppression. This earned him a dukedom. However, Rhys has always be a law unto himself and does not bother much with current politics. Having been a pirate captain at one point, he takes care of things his way. However a dead body on his doorstep forces him to deal with people outside of his control, and puts him in contact with a certain Inspector Detective.

Right from the start, there is an attraction between Mina and Rhys. She is a strong female, and he is an equally strong male. It might not be love at first sight, but there is something there. On an adventure to figure out who this dead body is and why it was brought to the Iron Duke’s is the mystery they need to solve.

Rhys and Mina compliment each other very well. They each of some scars to overcome, but they are willing to work together to get through them. This novel also has a lot of substance. The world Ms. Brook creates is fascinating. It’s amazing why kind of creatures there are. You deal with zombies (a different kind of Horde bug), megalodons, and even krakens. It’s a fun adventure for anyone to read.


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