This is the first book in Gena D. Lutz’s Paranormal Hunter series. It is written in third person from Sonnet’s, Bane’s, and briefly Ryker’s POVs.

Sonnet Vale is a hunter, however she doesn’t kill anyone. She tracks down the bad guys and those she works with kill them. One night Sonnet and her partner/ best friend Emely kill a vampire which puts her in contact with Bane.

Bane has been around for a while, and something about Sonnet grabs his interest. He decides to help her track down a kidnapper.

This book isn’t terrible, however the characters are not very real for me. Sonnet’s gut gives her these warning, she ignores them a lot. I also feel that the relationship between Sonnet and Bane is developed too quickly and it just doesn’t connect well with me. There are also some things that happen that are not explained, like a bad guy getting away from where he should be locked, not once, but twice. I mean, are they idiots for not properly securing him? So it’s not exactly a bad read, but not very satisfying. I don’t know if I’m going to bother reading the rest of this series.


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