This is the third book in Terri L. Austin’s Rose Strickland Mystery Book series. It is written in first person in Rose’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the previous books in this series.

Wonder of all wonders, police officer Andre Thomas is asking Rose to help out with a murder investigation. Andre is being pushed out of the investigation of the death of Delia Cummings. Delia was the Chief of Police’s assistant, as well as his mistress, a not so secret secret. The chief is the prime suspect, however Andre doesn’t think he did it, and wants Rose to see what she can find out. Rose is obsessed with mysteries, so she’s in.

Oddly enough Rose’s mother also enlists her help to clear the shady police chief. Turns out Barbara is good friends with the chief’s wife and wants him cleared so that the gossip will stop hurting her. The stress of having a potential murderer for a husband isn’t good for anyone.

However, Delia’s murder isn’t the only mystery on Rose’s hands. Her friend Axton is in a Klingon group. After a loss of laser tag, the prize goes missing. Starfleet blames the Klingons, the Klingons claim innocence. Rose is asked to assist as she seems to have a knack for solving mysteries.

On the romance side of things, Rose and Sullivan have something going on. It’s not really labeled, but it is a relationship. However Dane is also lurking around. Some clarification needs to be established.

Yet another great book. Rose continues to grow as a person, learning new things about herself and her friends along the way. She has a lot of respect from me in how much she commits herself to solving the puzzles and proving the innocence of those who deserve it. I still am impressed that Rose hasn’t managed to get herself killed.


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