This is the fourth book in Terri L. Austin’s Rose Strickland Mystery Book series. This is written in first person from Rose’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There WILL be some spoilers for the previous books in this series.

Rose has a new job with officer Hardass, also known as Andre Thomas. After working so many investigations without any investigator experience, Rose now works for Andre as a PI. Though it’s not exactly what she was expecting. However, mysteries seem to find Rose, and she’s definitely has experience solving them.

A fighter has gone missing. He’s left behind a child and upset girlfriend. Looking into the case, seems there are some weird fighting matches that go on around town. Rose follows the trail and finds herself in the midst of some questionable individuals. But then, Rose’s boyfriend, Sullivan, is a questionable individual, so she can muddle her way through them.

On the personal side of things, Rose’s bestie, Roxy, has a new friend, Sugar. Feels like Roxy is pushing Rose away. Then there is Sullivan. There are still so many things that Rose doesn’t know about him and how he feels about her. Are they ready for the next step?

These books are consistently very good. I just don’t understand how the tough guys are so willing to let Rose question people left right and sideways without trying to stop her. But then, maybe Sullivan is better at protecting her than I think.

Fair warning, if you are looking for steamy love scenes, this is not the series for you, however, I love think it is great anyway.


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