This is the first book in Terri L. Austin’s Null for Hire series. It is written in first person from Holly James’s POV.

Holly James is a null. Basically she cancels out all magic in her presence. She doesn’t control it, she just cancels it out by existing. This means that the super natural people, AKA the Others, hate her. She takes what makes them, well, Others. But being a null has certain uses.

There has been a murder due to an object that holds magic. No one can touch it the magic is so strong. So the Others decide to as Holly to help. However, Holly doesn’t work for free, and she is offered more than she could hope for. This leads Holly into a murder investigation with Cade McAllister.

Cade doesn’t want Holly’s help, however someone over his head does. They but heads left and right, however there is a strong attraction between them as well.

It’s a lot of fun watching Cade and Holly verbally fence with each other. There is a lot of animosity between them, but in the end they have the same goal, find the murderer.

I believe I like this book better than Ms. Austin’s Rose Strickland series, though they are pretty similar. They have similar character, but it’s a formula that works. What I think I like better about this is that Holly doesn’t seem to be as careless as Rose is. Also the romance between Cade and Holly sparks a lot faster than that between Rose and Sullivan. It’s an interested new world that Ms. Austin creates. Definitely recommend it.


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