This is a short story by Nalini Singh based in her Guild Hunter series. This particular story takes place before the series actually begins. It is written in third person from primarily Sara Haziz’s POV, but some is also from Deacon’s. This was originally published in the anthology Must Love Hellhounds, and is also in Nalini Singh’s anthology Angel’s Flight.

Nalini Singh writes some truly exceptional short stories. I’m not sure I’ve read any I didn’t like. This one is fabulous!!!

So Sara has a decision to make: does she want to be the head of the Guild or not? The Guild is around to keep the vampires in line. For the most part the Guild is are contracted by the angels to collect vampires who have broken their 100 year contract they sign when they agree to become a vampire (need to make sure they will become valuable members of society).

Before Sara makes this decision, she goes on a hunt to pick up a vamp that was almost decapitated. People can’t go around killing vampires, or even humans for that matter. What is going on? So in the process of this hunt she meets up with Deacon, a fellow hunter for the Guild. Deacon is trying to figure out who is killing vampires, which leads to him and Sara teaming up.

And as if there wasn’t enough going on, the angels know that Sara is the most likely person to be the new Guild Director, which means there may be a test facing her.

This is a steamy romance between Sara and Deacon. There are also some fun light-hearted moments that just make me happy to read them. It’s a quick read, so perfect if you’re not looking for anything too involved.


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