This is the 14th book in Nalini Singh’s Psy/ Changeling series. This is written in third person from primarily Aden Kai’s and Zaira Neve’s POVs.

First of all I cannot say enough good things about Nalini Singh’s books. My favorite is Heart of Obsidian, and at some point I will review that. There are just SO MANY BOOKS TO READ!!!

SPOILER ALERT: I cannot avoid having some spoilers from the previous novels in this series. Sorry, not sorry.

Aden is the leader of the Arrows, not because he’s the strongest, but because he has the loyalty and trust of the other Arrows. The Arrows are the super soldiers of the Psy. The have very strong offenzive capabilities. With Aden, he has minor M (medical) capabilities and some Tp (telepathy). After a surprise attack he finds him self in a cell with fellow Arrow Zaira.

Zaira had a pretty traumatic childhood mixed with extremely strong telepathy. She is very controlled and very loyal to Aden. Her life does not matter as long as Aden is able to go on. Finding her self trapped with him, she will willingly sacrifice herself so that he can escape.

Those that trapped Aden and Zaira have managed to separate them from the PsyNet (basically a mental internet that only Psy can access). Aden and Zaira need to escape and find safety and a way to reconnect.

Silence has fallen, so the Psy are now permitted to experience emotion. Zaira, due to her past, wants nothing to do with her emotions, however Aden wants to show the Arrows that they can have a different life where they don’t have to be feared by or afraid of those around them. Though they are currently separated from the PsyNet, they may have an opportunity they never could have otherwise to make those first steps toward a life with emotion.

This is not my favorite Nalini Singh book (as previously mentioned), but it is one of my favorites. There is so much for Aden and Zaira to experience, and they get to do it together. They have a tough road ahead, but maybe they can lead the Arrows into a better life. Wonderful book!!!


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