This is a FREE short story by Ilona Andrews. You can get it off of their website (here: all the way at the bottom. It is written in third person from Deidre Lebed’s POV.

Deidre’s people are trying to reach an agreement with the Reigh. Deidre’s job is to know everything about the Reigh possible. They are very private about themselves as people, but through observing them and paying close attention to detail, Deidre is an expert.

The Reigh have military prowess, however need money, whereas Deidre’s people have money, but lack military knowledge and need help. Thing is, the Reigh cannot be simply paid for their military services. So to try to find a solution they are meeting with Lord Nagrad, the head of the Reigh.

SPOILER ALERT!!! The original Lord Nagrad ends up dead, and the Reigh demand restitution. There is now a new Lorg Nagrad, and he has a proposition that involves Deidre.

This story was written on a dare. There is no sex in it, however it gets pretty sexy at a few points and it’s a lot of fun to read. It’s intelligent and a very fast read. Def recommend if you are looking for something you don’t want to invest a lot of time into.


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