This is a short story by Ilona Andrews. She has two novellas from her World of Kinsman and this is the second. It is written in third person from Clair Shannon’s POV.

First thing to be aware of is that technology works pretty different in this work. It’s somewhat like the Matrix series in that you can mentally tap into what they call the bionet, and the bionet is used to wage war. And if you die in the bionet, you die in real life.

Claire is a psycher (a person with the ability to use the bionet, and she is an exceedingly strong one at that, and she has telepathy skills) who leads her people in a war. It is a war that has been going on for about three hundred years. For those who are actually fighting it, it is there way of life. They know nothing except what their government tells them. They are constantly told they are wining. SPOILER ALERT!!! But they aren’t and they in fact lose. All of those who fought the enemy, especially those who are psychers, will be put to death. To survive Claire hides what she can do and is moved to the planet Rada.

Rada is run by the Kinsmen families. They are very physical and cutthroat, however there is a certain amount of honor with them.

With the  move to Rada Claire has the chance at creating a new life for herself, however she has to make a good job of it, or else she will be sent back and killed. It is during this time she meets Venturo Escana. Venturo is the head of the Escana family, and there is something going on between him and Claire. Venturo is also a psycher, but he doesn’t know that Claire is. So now comes the fun and the tension.

This is a fabulous short story. It has some fun to it, romance building, and even some villains out to cause trouble. It is also pretty emotional, but in a good way. Strongly recommend you read it!


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