This is book eight in Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. This book is written in third person from most Andromeda’s and Naasir’s POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be some spoilers for the books that come earlier in this series!

Naasir has grown enough to where he now wants a mate of his own. He is on a quest to find his mate, however first, his archangel, Raphael, wants him to assist a scholar with finding a sleeping archangel before the enemy, Lijuan, does. Lucky for Naasir, this scholar smells like she just might be his mate. But she took a vow of celibacy…

Andromeda fled her grandfather’s court for a chance at freedom. Her grandfather is the archangel Charisemnon, who is twisted and evil. However she has to return to his court on her next birthday in just a couple of weeks. Before she has to attend to her evil grandfather, she wants to do her best to protect the sleeping archangel Alexander. Through all of her research, she just might know where to find him. With the enigma vampire that is Naasir who seems to have a very strong animal side, hopefully they can save him.

Once again, another great book by Nalini Singh. Unrelated to the romance, there is a scene in this book that I find utterly profound and it makes me cry every time I read it. Nalini Singh is truly exceptional at bring forth emotions in her characters and therefore her readers.

Back to the romance, woot! Naasir and Andromeda have so chemistry from the beginning. However, Andromeda took a vow of celibacy for a good reason; her whole family is consumed with their need for pleasure and pain, and she wants nothing to do with that. She want to learn and study history, hence the interest in the archangel Alexander. He was a great statesman and a powerful archangel. Lijuan seems him as a threat even though he is not active in the world. She wants him gone.

Naasir is a lot of rough edges. He doesn’t think as a human. He was created in a very unique way having a strong bond with his animal side. This makes him an excellent tracker and member of Raphael’s Seven; seven men who serve Raphael loyally and are each powerful in their won right.Though Andromeda has taken a vow of celibacy, Naasir is determined to complete an impossible task so that he can have her. He code of honor and honesty  make him someone who Andromeda cannot help being drawn to.

This is one of my favorites by Nalini Singh. Read it!!!


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