This is book two in Sylvia Frost’s Moonfate Serial. Is is written in first person from Artemis William’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There are some spoilers regarding the first book. Can’t be helped.

This book is VERY confusing at the start. Artemis wakes up in a strange room. Well, turns out she’s caught in Orion’s dream. There is trouble escaping it due to Artemis’s trouble accepting their bond.

In the mean time, Lawrence is missing, with a dead ex in the house. Where is he? Luckily Orion has some exceptional tracker skills he can put into action.

I liked the first book better. This one, well, Artemis makes some pretty dumb decisions I feel. When I lose respect for a character, especially a lead, I don’t always want to finish. She has some understandable motives however, so I haven’t completely written her off yet. But There are a few parts in her when I’m thinking, how does that even make sense? At one point she fires a gun without really even seeming to aim. Not sure what her goal even was.

But on the flip side I’m curious to see where this relationship between Orion and Artemis goes.

On an Amazon side-note: Apparently you can buy all four books as a set called Moonfate for $4.99. Otherwise books 2 – 4 cost $2.99 apiece. I already bought 2 and 3, so going to refund and just get the set.


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