This is book one is Sylvia Frost’s Moonfate Serial. It is written in first person from Artemis William’s POV.

Artemis was born into a world that believed shifters were extinct. This was proven wrong when her parents were killed by shifters. After that, everyone knew they existed. There were thoughts of exterminating the shifters, but instead they started tracking them. (Think X-Men where mutants have to be registered with the government.)

Shifters are uniformly male, and there are women throughout the human population who have matemarks. The matemarks match between the mates. Artemis has one of these marks and lives in fear that her mate will find her. Those who are mated can be compelled to their shifters, basically taking all choice from them. Artemis wants nothing to do with this, just wanting to be left alone.

However, her mate is going to find her.

This was a very quick read. I would probably put it at about novella length. This was free however on Amazon. It was also free in a Moon Magic book collection on Amazon. Yay for free reading!

I mostly enjoyed this. There were a few points where Artemis makes rather weird decisions I feel for someone who is trying to avoid their mate, but I guess that’s to keep the story going. I also mostly like the male in this book, but there is a scene where I’m like… how is that ok? It doesn’t get to a point where I was just done, but I was probably getting close to that. So for free, check it out.


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