This is the first book in Aimee Easterling’s Wolf Rampant series. It’s written in first person from Terra Wilder’s POV.

Terra has completely separated herself from her werewolf heritage. She broke away from home as a teenager to escape the constricting life her father had set out for her. She has intentionally stayed away from all werewolves and they are domineering and women are viewed as second class citizens. Women struggle with controlling their wolves due to hormones. This however wasn’t going to stop Terra.

Unfortunately, though she has washed her hands of pack life, they haven’t washed their hands of her. Terra’s father find her and tells her she needs to give him an heir. This can be her long missing sister’s son, or it can be sons that she makes for him, but it’s going to happen; and since he’s her alpha, she can’t ignore him.

So along the way Terra meets Chase and his milk brother Wolfie (yes, that’s his name, and yes, he’s a werewolf). Though hesitant at first, getting to know them Terra starts to appreciate just what they have. Too bad she doesn’t have many choices.

Wolfie’s name aside, I did enjoy this. However I admit I don’t have any driving need to read more of the series. This was a free purchase via Amazon, and I got it as part of a six book set called Moon Magic. This book didn’t wow me, but it was enjoyable.


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