To this book is the publication of Sylvia Frost’s four books making up the Moonfate Serial which includes Moonbound, Huntbound, Bloodbound and Heartbound. This is written in first person from Artemis Williams’s POV.

This lacks spoilers, I believe. However can reference my Moonbound and Huntbound reviews. Since I just got the whole collection in the end, I’m opting not to do separate reviews for Bloodbound and Heartbound (especially as I have not finished the Heartbound portion.)

I freely admit, I’m probably not going to bother with finishing this series. According to my Kindle I’m 87% done with it, but I’ve lost interest in the characters and the overall story. I understand that to make a book, things have to be put together in certain ways to make the plot, much less an interesting plot. However in this series, I just feel like it gets rather far-fetched.

The love story between Artemis and Orion isn’t bad. There is some good chemistry there, and I appreciate that the characters don’t just jump at each other. They allow for some emotional growing. My issue is the number of plot holes. How do so many things happen in dreams that then effect their reality? Why Lawrence specifically gets kidnapped… feel it’s not plausible enough. The conclusions that Artemis jumps to (which are apparently right), don’t really work for me.

Toward the end, I feel like in trying to close the book, the lose end tying is very bizarre and doesn’t work for me. So it lost me, and when a book loses me, I generally don’t feel the need to invest more time into it.

I will freely admit, most people will probably like this book just fine. It just didn’t do it for me.


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