This is one of the stories in a six book anthology free from Amazon called Moon Magic: Six Book Starter Library for Lovers of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. This particular book is written in third person from Ainsley Connor’s POV.

In the end, I’m not going to bother finishing this series. It starts out fairly promising. Ainsley finds out that she is a werewolf after a very traumatic time in her life. Makes you want to smack her parents for keeping something like that secret, especially when her dad’s the Alpha. To deal with the trauma, she runs off to New York and vows to not be a werewolf.

After her parents die, she comes back to take care of business with the plan of heading right back to New York. However, as the daughter of the Alpha, she is now… sort of the alpha of the pack, or at least her mate would be. But Ainsley want’s nothing to do with that.

On the romance front, there is a nice werewolf that she was friends with. Wanting nothing to do with werewolves, Ainsley isn’t interested in pursuing that. There is also a Russian Lit professor (Ainsley’s dad was a Russian Lit professor and Ainsley in turn loves Russian literature). He checks all of her boxes.

SPOILER ALERT: Ainsley sleeps with one of the guys without ever even going on a date. Also, she’s a tease. I don’t have any respect for her as a character, so in the end, don’t really care to finish the series. Now, for people less prudish than me, they might like this series more than I do. But I’m looking for more … well love for lack of a better work. So, it’s not for me.


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