This is written in third person from Garth’s POV. This story was in a six book anthology called Moon Magic.

This is another book I’m not interested in completing, mostly because I just find Garth very annoying.

Garth is a human who’s mother married the alpha of a werewolf pack. Garth has therefore been views as a second class citizen since he doesn’t have the strength or power of a werewolf. He also has a massive crush on a werewolf named Carly who is with the beta’s son, who is also a bully named Rhys.

Garth has his step-brother change him.

I admit, I pretty much just lost interest. Seems get get a girlfriend who he can’t tell he’s a werewolf to, but still crushed on Carly. So… he’s annoying. Maybe if I kept going it would come together well, but he just loses me.

Sidenote: Apparently there is no real “series” here. This is a prequel that doesn’t mean much.


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