This is the first book in Devon Monk’s Ordinary Magic series. It is written in first person from Delaney Reed’s POV.

Delaney Reed is the Chief of Police in the small town of Ordinary, Oregon. Fun fact, Ordinary isn’t all that Ordinary. Something about it and the Reed bloodline make it a vacation hotspot for the various gods out there. Vampires are also able to walk about in the sun in Ordinary as well. Cool!

In this book, Delaney needs to figure out who is blowing up rhubarb patches before the Rhubarb Festival, and who killed a god in town.

Normally gods are immortal. When they agree to vacation in Ordinary however, they give up their powers and they become mostly mortal and can be killed. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does Delaney gets to add more to her plate.

And in the love interest portion of this series, there is Ryder Bailey. He grew up with Delaney. There was always something there, but the timing never seemed right. Well, now he’s back. Is the timing finally right?

This was a pretty enjoyable book. My only real complaint is that there are a few times when I want to go, Delaney, you’re an idiot!!! SPOILER ALERT… well, not really. She doesn’t lock her door at home. I understand you live in a small town, but when there is a murderer on the loose and you are the Chief of Police, one would think you would lock the door. But that’s just me.

On the positive side, Ordinary is pretty interesting. The gods have to have jobs while they vacation and it’s fun to see what they do. It’s also cool to have Odin and Zeus in the same city. Delaney also has two sisters that make for some fun family moments.

So I definitely recommend this book if you are into paranormal/ mythological/ investigation/ romance books.


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