This is the first book in K.F. Breene’s Fire and Ice Trilogy. It is written in first person from Reagan Somerset’s POV.

Reagan is one of the best bounty hunters out there. Sometimes though it gets tricky collecting bounties without revealing any magic or info the regular humans in the world shouldn’t know about. However, working in New Orleans, she’s still tight for money. That’s what happens when one is living under the radar, even more so that most magical beings are.

Reagan’s got a secret she isn’t spilling which prevents her from having the usual documentation one needs to hold a normal job. With this secret though, she has some awesome skills and magic that help her bring in the bad guys. Usually dead. Bringing them in alive is harder.

When Reagan’s most recent mark is stolen by some vampires, she’s pissed. When the vampires then come to her afterwards with an offer she can’t refuse, she’s still pissed, but she’s willing to work with them to make sure she can afford A/C in the summer.

Reagan has a mouth on her, and she doesn’t back down. She’s a lot of fun to join on her adventure. SPOILER ALERT: She hires a Lyft to help her get rid of a dead body. Ingenious! She constantly shows a surprising intelligence and wit.

On the romance side on things, there’s Darius. A prickly, straight-laced elder vampire who has to work with Reagan so solve a mystery. Too bad the vampires are not willing to trust Reagan with the whole picture, making things more difficult. But then Reagan refuses to be bound to the vampires, so more power to her.

This book was pretty awesome. It’s a lot of fun to read with a lot of fun characters you get to meet. Fun read for anyone looking for a good adventure with some vampires.


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