This is the second book by K.F. Breene in her Fire and Ice Trilogy. It is about 90% written in first person from Reagan Somerset’s POV. The other 10% is written in third person from Agnon’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers from the first book. Ye have been warned.

Reagan finally got the (forged) legal papers she always wanted and now has a desk job. Too bad that’s BORING. But when the aswang shows up in NOLA, Reagan gets to have some more excitement, followed by a request to help out in Seattle.

Agnon has been sent out by Reagan’s father to determine if Reagan is his daughter. There are some tests he needs performed before he is willing to bring her to his master’s attention to ensure there is no doubt that she is who the Great Master is looking for. Too bad Reagan doesn’t know about that.

In other news, Reagan now has a vampire stalker/ caretaker. Darius knows her dark secret, and for some reason has decided that he is responsible for Reagan’s safety, whether or not Reagan agrees, and he will take care of her however he sees fit, including never-seen house cleaners and fridge stockers. Darius is also dealing with some emotions that leave him confounded, but he’s willing to stand behind them. There is a lot of growth that happens in the Reagan/ Darius world.

This is another great book by K.F. Breene. Again, Reagan is a strong character who is fun to tag along with. She doesn’t always look before she leaps, but she keeps going. Dizzy and Callie are also along for the ride adding extra entertainment, as well as her eclectic neighbors. This book definitely gets my vote.


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