This is the second book in Alex Rivers Dark Fae FBI series. It is written in first person from Agent Cassandra Liddell’s POV.

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers regarding the first book in the series. Warning has been issued.

Cassandra killed the Rix of the fae who was also the Terror Ripper serial killer that was plaguing the city so that he could feed on it’s fear. Cassandra has the same ability which she doesn’t relish. She has given her statement to the FBI, but due to all of the fae and magic elements involved, her story doesn’t make a lot of sense, which is suspicious. She is due to head back home, but there are still so many questions she has about the fae, and she isn’t ready to leave.

Cassandra’s best friend, Scarlett, is coming to London on a mission of her own since she works for the CIA. She is interested in getting Cassandra’s help for it. London is about to be under attack again, and Cassandra will be in the middle of it.

In the romance area of it, Cassandra is currently living with Detective Gabriel Stewart as a roommate. Nothing romantic is currently happening, but something could. On the other hand, there is also Roan Taranis who is involved in helping Cassandra navigate the fae world, and there is a spark there.

Overall it isn’t bad, but I fell out of interest about halfway through and ended up skimming ahead in a few places. It’s not bad, and I’m still curious about how the series unfolds, but it didn’t pull me in as well as the first book did.


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