This is Alex Rivers first book in her Dark Fae FBI series. It is written in first person from Cassandra Liddell’s POV.

Cassandra is coming to London to help profile a serial killer. She works for the FBI and has been requested to assist since the London Police Department is coming up empty.

Cassandra has a disturbing history, and when she comes to London she starts to fear she may be losing her sanity. Out of the corner of her eye she seems to see something, and she gets these feelings in London that have her confused and concerned.

After an altercation with some shady characters, Cassandra starts to discover there may be more to London than meets the eye. But is it just in her mind, or is it reality?

I enjoyed this book. There are some things that Cassandra does that are frustrating, like roaming around alone when you know there’s a serial killer on the loose. Otherwise, she’s intelligent and has drive. Also, the world Alex Rivers creates is interesting. SPOILER ALERT: the fae are involved. How their world interacts with London is interesting, and the magic that Cassandra discovers is new to me.

In the romance area, we have a couple of men. This annoys me to an extent since I hate love triangles, though this book doesn’t really go all out either way at this time. There is Detective Constable Gabriel Stewart who is the cop assigned to help Cassandra navigate the case. There is also Roan Taranis who is a fae that helps Cassandra in certain situations, but at a cost.

This book kept me interested. It’s probably not one of the best I’ve ever read, but it kept me intrigued, wanting to know what would happen next.


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