This is the first book in Dannika Dark’s Crossbreed series. Is is written primarily in first person from Raven Black’s POV with a little bit of third person from a couple other POVs.

Raven Black is a crossbreed that shouldn’t exist. She is both Mage and Vampire, though those magics should not be able to combine like they do in her. She also lives in a world that knows nothing of magic. As an individual who might be killed if the higher ups found out about her, and also as someone dead in the human world, she is unable to get a stable job. In the end, she is living on the streets. This doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t have a purpose.

Raven kills Mages and Vampires that prey on humans. She doesn’t get paid in any way for her troubles, but it is important to her to protect the humans. All immortals were once human, therefore the immortals should show them some respect.

Due to Raven’s activities, a group known as Keystone approaches her with a job offer that appeals to her greatly, if only so she can have her own bathroom. They also offer her a chance at stability that her live has been lacking.

In the romance area of this book, there is a Vampire, Christian Poe. Raven doesn’t trust Vampires, but she has to work with Christian. This makes for a lot of tension between the two characters, and since they are a mouthy bunch, some fun moments as well.

I quite liked this book. Raven is a strong woman who has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. She isn’t a cheerful person, but life hasn’t broken her. She shakes things up in Keystone, though not in a bad way. She makes a decision toward the end of the book I don’t like, but her reasoning is sound. It’s an interesting world with a fun group of characters that keeps you wanting to read more.


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