This is Dannika Dark’s second book in her Crossbreed series. It is about 90% written in first person from Raven Black’s POV with some third person from a few other character’s POVs.

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the first book in this series.

This is a great follow up with Keystone. Raven is now a part of a pretty interesting group called Keystone. You have Viktor Kazan who is a Russian Shifter who put the team together. There is Blue, a Native Shifter who carries around an ax. Gem Laroux is a Mage with a bright personality. Claude Valentine is a Chitah who loves hair and taking care of women. Wyatt Blessing is the Gravewalking computer nerd. Niko is blind but deadly with a katana. Shepherd Moon is a sensor who looks like a murderer. And last but not least, Christian Poe who’s a Vampire with an attitude and Raven’s partner.

Keystone is called in to investigate some murders that have been taking place. It’s possible there are about 50 related deaths, though nothing conclusive. They are women who appear to have been killed by a Vampire. The higher authority has placed Detective Glass in charge of the case, who finds Raven pretty interesting.

In the romance world: Christian took the memory of his and Raven’s kiss at her request so that they can work together. Doesn’t stop some interested chemistry going on there. Also Detective Glass is interested in dating Raven, and she isn’t totally opposed.

This book was great, I might even have liked it better than the first one. I’m a sucker for romance, and though there isn’t anything going hot and heavy, I appreciate a steady build up, and that’s what I’m feeling in this series. Bummed the next book isn’t out yet, but really looking forward to it. Also there is a scene that about had me bawling. I managed to keep it in, but there was a real emotional connection it made. It’s was beautiful. Five stars!!!


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