This is the first book in Dannika Dark’s Mageri series. It is written primarily in first person from Zoe Winter Merrick’s POV with some third person from various other characters.

Zoe is killed with flips her world upside down turning her into a new person. Along the way she meets Adam and Justus.

SPOILER ALERT: Regarding future of this series.

To be blunt, I couldn’t finish this book, and I don’t believe I will. I like a series that starts with a clear couple that slowly grows together, or just jumps right in. This series doesn’t do that. First you meet Adam who is very protective of Zoe. There is a spark there. But then Justus shows up. He knows what Zoe is becoming, whereas Adam is just a lowly human. However, she doesn’t end up with either of them. There is another guy that shows up in the second book in the series she seems to end up with.

I hate books that seem to play with other people’s emotions. I know that they aren’t real people, but the whole point of reading is you start to feel for these characters. I just felt like I didn’t know who to root for in the end, and I don’t like that. I like a clear couple. This just didn’t work for me.


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