This is the second book in Ilona Andrews’s Hidden Legacy series. It is written in first person from Nevada Baylor’s POV.

First I just want to say FINALLY!!! I have waited over a year for this book to come out, and I was not disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT: There will be spoilers regarding the first book in the series.

So after Nevada and Mad Rogan finish up with Adam Pierce, they go their separate ways. This doesn’t mean that Nevada doesn’t think about him though, or that her family isn’t teasing her about him either. Two months go by with no contact.

In the mean time, Cornelius Harrison of House Harrison comes to Nevada in hopes of finding out who killed his wife. His wife’s employers are lying to him and he has no where else to turn for answers. This leads to mysteries and intrigues, and Mad Rogan!

I loved this book! We learn more about the Baylor family and Rogan. I loved that the Baylor family are there for each other. No matter what comes at them, they unite as a family and get through it. Then we have Rogan with all of his power and intensity. He’s super sexy and you want to see if there could be something between him and Nevada. It’s a relationship you’re rooting for.

Outside of the relationship world, we also learn a lot more on how the major magic houses work. The world that is created here is fascinating.

Five stars for this book, easily. I hate that it had to end, and now I need to wait until July to get the next book. Oh well. It’s coming!


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