This is the first book in Donna Augustine’s Ollie Wit series. It is written in first person from Olivia “Ollie” Wit’s POV.

Olivia wishes that the world would just end. She will not commit suicide because she made a promise, but after she loses everything, why would she want to get up in the morning? It also doesn’t help that she sees shadow monsters lurking everywhere and they want to be around her for some reason. She cannot escape them.

A month after a catastrophe, some shady characters take an interest in Ollie and want to bring her to someone. She wants nothing to do with it until she founds out this person may have some answers as to why she is so different. At that point, she’s willing to listen.

This brings Ollie into a world she never knew existed. It brings her into a world where people think she is a “paper doll” and will soon deteriorate into nothing. But it is also a world with answers and some people that could help her experience a normal life for the first time ever.

In the romance area of this series, we meet Kane. Kane is the head honcho of this new world and has a job he needs Ollie to help him with. In return, he’ll help Ollie with her monsters. Kane has an ego that’s through the roof, and he’s very cold emotionally, but he has answers, and right now, Ollie needs them.

I loved this book. There’s great chemistry between Ollie and Kane, and the rest of the cast are a lot of fun to experience. You get some good laughs along the way. It’s not an overly dark book which I like, and Ollie has a strong will. Her lack of caring if she lives makes her willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. You’ve got to respect her even if she is rough around the edges. Definitely a great book.


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