This is the second book in Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series. It is written in third person from Lily Lamprey’s and Luc Savages’ POVs.

Lily was born looking like a bombshell. She has big boobs, blonde hair, and a voice made for seduction. She naturally fit a TV role as a homewrecker seducing everyone. Too bad she doesn’t want to be a stereotype. She wants to be a real stage actress and can finally see an opportunity. She just needs to prove to Luc Savage that she can do it.

Luc Savage is a middle-age man who recently had an eight year relationship come to an end due to the fact that he’s a workaholic. The stage comes first. He’s in the process of renovating a London theater and the opening show will be vital to the success of it. Is it really a good idea to case a lead role to a TV bimbo with questionable intelligence and no experience?

From the outside, any relationship between Luc and Lily is a tabloid catastrophe. Lily is sleeping her way onto the stage, Luc is experiencing a mid-life crisis. Nothing good will come of either of their reputations. However, the chemistry is there. How can it be denied?

Another excellent book from Lucy Parker. Sadly, there isn’t another one out yet, otherwise I’d be reading that and not writing this. I love that her characters and story lines are so realistic. I love me some paranormal romances, but it’s nice to get back to the real (though fictional) world. There are legitimate, valid reasons why Luc and Lily should not get into a relationship. But that being said, would they regret not ever trying?

Absolutely beautiful story.


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